Replenishment is defined in the dictionary as “the act of making something full again by replacing what has been used”. However, in the context of being a whole and healthy human being, I define replenishment as a practice of re-filling your heart with the energy of love. Think of it like staying hydrated during a big trek. As you trek through the seasons of life, hydrate yourself with love.

How do you replenish your supply of loving energy?

To make sense of your energy, let’s think of your heart as the energy source, your body as the river of energy and your mind as the thing that controls the flow. When your energy flows at a fast pace outward only, and there is no replenishment of energy flowing inward only, the river runs dry, and your energy becomes depleted. You can replenish your supply by giving kindness and grace to yourself and others. In doing this, you become wholehearted again, with restored energy to keep flowing on the path.

Permission to rest

Five years ago, I said yes to every invitation. I believed that I had to be present at every community gathering in support of my kids, my family, and the greater community. On the surface (and on social media), my life looked fabulous. Meanwhile, I was exhausted. I wanted to show up and contribute to my communities (family, friends, school, hockey, and neigbhourhood); but it required a lot of energy out and, with that, I was burning out.

As I grew older and my energy became harder to source (lol!), I realized that I can’t give to anyone or anything else unless I am “full”. Full of loving energy. The only way for me to show up lovingly, offer my love and not burn out is to be whole.

My replenishment practice is to take time each day to rest and replace my energy. It is the practice of coming back to myself, my heart, my home. I take time to go in (not out!) and I practice integration by taking a sacred pause from the outpouring of my energy. In the pause, I fill my heart with love through meditation and play.

Caring for home 

The Greek word for home is oikos, or “eco”. In Greek philosophy, home is described as not only the physical place where you reside but the entire planet where you live as one family with 8.7 million species. To feel whole is to care for the home that is you as well as the home that is all living beings. Therefore, to fully replenish is to actively restore the health of our spiritual and ecological home. Again, we do this by being kind and graceful. Hydrate with love.

My inspiration for the practice of replenishment is Mahatma Gandhi. He integrated time for prayer, meditation, gardening, cooking, and learning into his day. He believed that these acts of caring for his soul and soil were as essential as working and caring for world peace. Without the awareness and commitment to spiritual health and ecological health, Gandhi would not have had the energy to do the work of advocating for civil rights and freedom.

Let’s be like Gandhi and care for ourselves first. This will give us the energy to care for others on the journey toward love and authenticity.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll create joy on the path.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,