Last week, my friend, Angela, sent me a text that read: “Stay the course.” Her message came through during a meditation and it was like a divine call from the Universe. I received it loud and clear. It was a swift reminder for me to get back on the path. For the last couple of weeks, I found myself being pulled in several different directions. I was distracted by situations and actions of others and, in being distracted, I lost traction.

What is traction?

For me, traction is moving forward with integrity and a focus on making progress. It can apply to taking action and making progress in a sport that you are playing, in a business that you are building, or in the life that you are living. It is the act of keeping your values in check, your head in the game, your hands on the wheel, and your feet moving one step at a time.

What is distraction?

Distraction is something or someone that takes your attention away from your progress. It is a detour off the path.

As we know, there are countless ways to become distracted from making progress, particularly in the area of working on Self (healing wounds, being present, and living with good intention). This work takes tremendous energy and time. In the spirit of staying the course and continuing to do the “work”, I hope you’ll join me in focussing on the things that give you energy and the people who support your progress.

Here are some points for you to consider:

  • Stay the course. Stay focused on your values and your progress. (Thanks Ang!)
  • Identify areas of distraction. How are they affecting your progress?
  • Check your friends. Make sure the people on your path are cheering for you (energy boosters) and not pulling you off course (energy suckers).
  • Check your Self. Are you honouring your values, your time and your progress?

Traction is not about being selfish, it’s about staying committed to your progress. This is the path to personal growth and authenticity.

Thank you for being here and for cheering on your partners in this work. Your energy is a great contribution to this community. Next month, we will explore the topic of vibrations on the path.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,