One of my greatest loves in life is my journey.

For as long as I can remember, I longed for a home.  A place where I felt safe.  A place where family and friends come together to share a corner of the world.  I wanted a point on a map that belonged to me; that encouraged my ideas and allowed for growth. My non-traditional home life was spent in flux between my separated parents’ houses and the open doors of friends who saw my urgent need for refuge. The instability placed me in a position of vulnerability where I learned to ask for help.  Learning to ask for help became the launchpad for understanding, accepting and appreciating others.  As they truly saw me, I began to see myself.

Through this, I learned the power of connection. Through moments of joy, kindness, courage, and calmness, I was able to connect with my inner self and the new world that welcomed and challenged me. This has become the purpose of my personal and professional work and is the subject of my upcoming children’s book titled Your Heart Compass.

Today, I create connection and foster vulnerability by writing stories and sharing pieces of me.  You will find them in my books, poetry, and social spaces. I share my home, my beautiful corner of the world, with my husband, Hani, my children Leila and Tarik, our dogs, Muffin and Mookie, and our dog in spirit, Marlon Brando. My door is open for you to come along on the journey to growth through stories of joy and creative expression.


Let’s journey together.

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