Joy, Kindness, Courage, Calmness

These four feelings represent pillars of personal well-being that form the foundation of my daily practice of connection. With conscious effort each day, I create experiences of joy, kindness, courage and calmness to overcome feelings of stress. The practice is an effective method of regulating emotions, tuning emotional responses and strengthening emotional connections with others.

I developed this practice out of love for my children. After years of experiencing my own feelings of stress and self-doubt due to childhood trauma, I was terrified by the idea that my kids could suffer from my pain. So, when I became a mother, I started living in the moment. I became deeply motivated to lead with my heart and to be present in the experience of my life. Through research on the psychology of well-being, I discovered four feelings that support a strong, sustainable foundation of mindfulness and wellness: joy, kindness, courage and calmness. I further discovered that the ability to access these feelings and incorporate them into our daily lives are key components to contentment.

I begin each day with the intention of being well. Every morning is a call to action and a reminder to myself to make time for positivity, especially on days when I am faced with challenges. Here is a sample of my daily practice:

1. Each day, create a simple moment of joy for yourself.

2. Each day, do something kind for someone else.

3. Each day, do something that makes you feel strong and courageous.

4. Each day, enjoy a few minutes of peace and calm.

The ability to create positive moments is a powerful skill, particularly when our energy needs to shift for the sake of our wellness. The scientific research being conducted at the HeartMath Institute and the research being shared in Yale’s #1 online course, The Science of Well-being, further supports the findings that human beings can become masters of their own well-being through mental, physical and spiritual connections. The research suggests that by savouring good experiences (enjoyment), being kind (kindness), focussing on personal strengths (courage), and meditating regularly (calmness), human beings are optimizing their well-being and living with more happiness and better health.


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