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Forest Therapy

Join me for a forest therapy walk

If you are looking for an introduction to forest bathing or a restorative sensory immersion experience in the outdoors, you’re in the right place!


What is forest therapy?

A guided practice of deep listening and connecting with nature.


What to expect on a forest therapy walk

Each walk is 2-3 hours in duration and covers approximately 1 km distance. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a brief history of the land. During the walk, you will be guided through a series of invitations to activate your senses and deepen your relationship with nature. The walk ends with an offering of tea made from foraged local plants.


Benefits of forest therapy:

Reduced stress

Nervous system support

Immune system support

Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Improved mood


Why do I need a guide?

A forest therapy guide is trained to facilitate slow and gentle walks in nature. Guides are familiar with the trails, have Wilderness First Aid certification, and open the doors for each participant to have a safe and sensory experience.

In 2022, Megan received her certification from The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. (

Get grounded

“By focusing on my senses, it helped me get grounded on my forest walk and reminded me of the vast energy and support at my fingertips while releasing stresses of daily life.”



“If someone has tried meditation or mindfulness and feels like “they can’t do it”, they should try a forest therapy walk.“



“Megan made me feel safe and cared for on the forest therapy walk. She offered prompts along the way to help me leave the bigger world behind to be truly present. I connected not only to nature but also to my deeper self.”



Together, we explore life on the path to authenticity through joy, kindness, courage and calmness.