Happy Summer, friends! It’s wonderful to connect with you! I am excited to share an update about my work and to share my thoughts on this month’s topic of vibrations!

Quick update: I recently returned from a nature immersion in the Colorado Rockies with a group of forest therapists. We spent five days exploring the connection between our hearts and the land. While I was there, I was honoured to receive a guide certification from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. If you’re interested in learning more about the practice, see the video on my Forest Therapy page.

One of my favourite things about the practice of forest therapy is having the opportunity to slow down, tune out the “noise” from society, and tune in to the sights, sounds, and rhythms of nature. For me, through the practice of sensory connection, I can relax and feel an exchange of energy between me and other nature beings. This sensation of being in rhythm with myself and others relates to this month’s topic of vibrations and how the “vibe” we emit depends on the emotion we are experiencing.

In our culture, we refer to a vibe as a feeling that a person brings to a space. For example, you may hear someone say, “he brings a fun, party vibe” or “she has a boring, downer vibe”. We tend to use words to describe a person’s energy. But it goes much deeper than the words. Vibrations are sensory signals of energy in motion (e-motion). Regardless of whether the perception of a person is true or false, a person’s vibe is often a good indicator of their emotional state.

In the book, Power vs Force, physician David Hawkins presents a logically compelling map of consciousness and emotions that calibrates levels of human consciousness from the lowest expression (shame) to the highest (enlightenment). Some of Hawkins’ research determines that emotions like love, joy, and acceptance correlate with high levels of consciousness and contribute to high vibrational energy while other emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame register low on the spectrum. Hawkins’ work reveals that all of life is a pulsating symphony of interplaying energies, or vibrations. His research shows that when a human is experiencing low-level emotions like fear and guilt, one embodies and emits low-frequency energy and conversely, when a human is experiencing high-level emotions like joy and peace, one embodies and emits high-frequency energy.

As we know, life is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. At any given time, we may experience a range of emotions. That being said, the data in Hawkins’ book acts as a great reference and reminder that our emotional state is directly linked to the energy that we contribute to our relationships and to the world.

I like to think of Hawkins’ map of consciousness like a balance sheet. For example, when you are low in your vibrational energy, you are “in the red”, or you have a negative balance. To create a positive balance, you must consciously go high and focus on investing your time and energy in places of joy and love.

Another way to look at the concept is to consider your emotions as fuel and your vibrational energy level like a gas tank. When you are low on gas, you are at risk of breaking down and getting stuck. When your tank is full, you run smoothly and efficiently! So, having awareness and control of your emotions will help you stay full (fulfilled) and not empty (lacking).

Here are some practice tips for raising good vibrations:

  • AWARENESS: Practice Embodiment (with 15-minute mindfulness activities)
    • Find a heart opener meditation that helps you to relax.
    • Listen to jazz, classical and pop music.
    • Welcome nature sights, sounds, sensations into your heart.
    • Move energy through dance, singing, stretching, breath work.
  • SELF-REGULATION: Practice Joy
    • Focus on things that support your nervous system and help you feel calm.
    • Don’t dwell on things that cause stress.
  • CO-REGULATION: Practice Kindness
    • Be an active participant in sharing love and joy with others.
    • Be with the glimmers (the ones who spread truth + joy).
    • Don’t be with the gossipers (the ones who spread falsehoods + harm).

This week, pay attention to the energy you bring to a conversation, a meeting, a party, a relationship. Let’s strive to go high! According to David Hawkins, this is the path to enlightenment.

Next month, we will return for a deep exploration into the topic of belonging.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,