When you hear a song that moves you, or you find a good dance partner, it’s often because you’re in a rhythm with the music and the movement. You feel an energetic connection to the moment.

When you’re in rhythm, you feel good. You’re in a groove. You’re in alignment with your values and with others – feeling good about yourself, producing meaningful work, making good friends. However, life is messy and in the messiness, your rhythm can be interrupted very quickly! A sudden change of plans or a glitch to your nervous system can be disruptive and sometimes even debilitating. When you’re out of sync, you feel stuck.

The first step to getting your groove back is recognizing when you’re out of rhythm. It often shows up as a feeling of being out of balance (“in your head”, overwhelmed) or misaligned (body ache, heartache). To return to your rhythm, I suggest shining a light inward on where you feel discomfort. Is it in your heart? In your head? In your body? What is going on inside your body that needs your attention?

Perhaps it is a feeling of inadequacy and not being good enough. Or maybe it’s a feeling like you don’t belong – a lack of love. Or a feeling that you aren’t appreciated – a lack of affirmation or validation. By looking in and shining a light on where you feel empty or hurt, you can process the emotion and re-establish your rhythm.

Asking yourself hard questions requires that you sit in discomfort and process hard truths. It is in the process where you find your rhythm.

For me, I turn to my writing practice to process and express my emotions. I find my rhythm in my poetic voice. For others, it may come out in spoken word (song, storytelling), written word (poetry, journaling), or art (painting, drawing, movement). How does your soul voice find a way to be expressed and shared with others? I encourage you to play with it the next time you feel out of sync. Try writing down words on a page. It may be just one word that needs to come out. Or try drawing dots on a page. You never know what will be created and how the dots might connect. To access some of my rhythmic inspirations, please subscribe to my newsletter.

When we go inward and connect to something greater than what we know and what we can see, we fall into rhythm with the energy of our spirit. This is how we process our emotions. We make love and music on the path. We dance and sing on the path. This is the journey to the soul.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore replenishment on the path.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,