Collective Joy

To celebrate our journey to authenticity, it is my honour to share some joy in photos that I have received from members of our community. The photos beautifully demonstrate how each one of us walks the path in our own unique way. I am inspired by all of you, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share your gifts.




Susan walks in the woods every week. She captures moments of magic in her heart and shares her heart with others in her drawings. She has a collection of drawings from her weekly walks titled “The Woods”.

Christy has a morning meditation practice. In the stillness of her mind and body, she connects with her soul voice and shares messages from the heart in her intuitive collages.

Dayna practices yoga regularly at her sit spot near the beach. In the slow movement of her body, she slows her thoughts and connects to the rhythm of nature. In the peace, she connects with her soul voice and shares her messages with open arms and an open heart!

Laura walks the trails near her house on weekends. She captures special moments of peace in photographs and in her heart. She shares her soul voice in the music she makes with her kids and her students.

On the path, we explore different methods and modalities of connecting to our soul voice and, through the exploration, we find practices that resonate with our way of being.

Keep exploring. Keep practicing. Keep sharing your gifts, my friends. In the sharing of our love, we create so much light in the world.

Thank you for being you.

Next time, we’ll explore passion on the path.

Let’s journey together.

Our community is rooted in love and we love creative expression. Please feel free to share your creative expressions with us on Instagram #yourheartjourney | @meganlammam

With love,