Since my last newsletter, I have been actively making time for joy as a way of shifting my energy from heavy (trauma healing) to light (feeling free). It has been uplifting and soul-affirming! I hope you are making time for what you love too.

Joy is being in the energy of your truth. It is a source of light that connects us to other beings. We need to tune in and turn up the joy when life gets dark.

When I was younger, I used to think of joy as being big bursts of laughter and surges of happiness. I thought it was a feeling that comes with an adrenaline rush or a leap of faith. This is still true but now, having a more mature perspective, I know joy to be the energy that is created in simple moments when you feel deeply alive.

What makes me feel joyful?

For me, I feel joy in quiet, creative moments when I write poetry. Also, in moments of connection in the woods and in open spaces on a ski hill. In each of these places, I am free to be my “wild” self and explore the depths of my imagination and potential. In my joy, there are no eyes on me, judging my every move or expecting me to be anything other than myself. There is only the power of playful curiosity and the permission to embody it.

A deeper sense of joy

I am finding a deeper and longer-lasting sense of joy when I share my joyful experiences with others. For example, when I walk with friends in the forest or I share pieces of my poetry on social media, I feel a deeper sense of connection to the outside world. It takes vulnerability and courage to share your joy with others; however, when you do, it brings you closer to others on the path. When you put your joy out to your network, it’s like sharing a little piece of your magic with the world.

A feeling of balance 

Life on the path is challenging. We are faced with situations and obstacles that feel hard and heavy. Joy is the energy that offsets the weight of it all and keeps you moving forward on the path. I invite you all to put your joy out to the world! Let’s get to know each other’s joy and support each other in the practice of sharing it.

“Joy in what we do is not an added feature; it is a sign of deep health.” — Mark Nepo

I believe joy is medicine for pain. When you choose joy, you create a state of balance within your whole being. And when you share your joy with others, you create connection. This is the path to authenticity and deep health.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore belonging.

Let’s journey together.


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With love,