Summer On The Path

Happy Summer! With the kids home from school and the days being longer, I am anticipating a busy time ahead. To stay healthy and aware of our physical and emotional needs, I am sharing some of my favourite self-care techniques with you in this Summer Guide To Living On The Path!

When I think about seeking a peaceful state of being, I am reminded that one only feels peace in their mind when they are at peace in their body. By being present and peaceful in your body, you are more present and peaceful in your relationships. So, how do you stay present in your body? There are many great practices. For me, it happens in stillness, silence, sensory exploration and heart-opening experiences. I invite you to join me in practicing presence this summer.


One thing you can do to access a peaceful state of being is to tune inward to your sense of intuition. I like to think of it as engaging your heart sense; the part of your being that offers guidance to your body when your mind is overwhelmed.

I practice tuning in to my intuitive sense by being in nature and listening to my heart. I find that a slow and steady pace helps to increase my awareness and activate my intuition. I recommend spending a little bit of time outside each day as an energy re-set. Stay slow or still, whatever feels right for you in the moment. Then, as you stroll or sit, focus your attention on your five senses and see what shows up for you in your body.


I encourage you to choose a mantra, a simple prayer or a song to guide you to be present each day. Start your day with it or say it when you feel your mind is racing.

I love this one from Thich Nhat Hanh:
“Breathing in,
I calm my body and mind.
Breathing out, I smile.”

I also love this one from Rumi: “Let silence be the art you practice.”

If you have a song that keeps you grounded in presence, play it. On repeat.


Sometimes, in stress, I catch myself shallow breathing. It’s as if I am treading water and only my short, tiny breaths are keeping me afloat. When this occurs, it’s an indicator that I am living on the surface of my life and not able to access the depth or presence of my love and joy. I feel out of sync with my body and under-nourished. This is when big breaths into my heart space are needed to regulate my nervous system. My third invitation to you is to begin breathing deep into your heart.

For an easy summer read that offers wisdom to slow down and listen with more attention, awareness and compassion, I recommend Coming Home to Yourself by OSHO.

I hope you enjoy these summer invitations! I’ll be tuning in, walking and reading alongside you as I spend time with my heart and with my family. This is the journey to a higher level of consciousness and connection.

Thank you for being here. The next newsletter will be in your inbox in early August. Until then and always, my friends, I send you love.

Let’s journey together.



With love,