Rumi said, “It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Sometimes I wonder how we walk on our own when we have so many people telling us how to walk and which way to go?

Rumi’s words remind me that my soul’s journey is my sole responsibility to honour and experience. It is up to me to walk in the direction of my purpose by being empowered by others who are following their truth.

What is empowerment?

For me, empowerment is stepping into your truth and out of your fear to meet others in a shared place of purpose. It could be moving an idea forward or joining a social justice movement. It is walking your walk and doing what feels good for you while holding space for others.

When I had the idea to write Your Heart Compass, I hoped to share it with others as a way to offer support for children. I remember feeling gripped by the fear of judgment. Would people discredit me and reject my book because I am not a traditionally published author? Or, because I don’t have a literary background or an English degree? I had a hundred reasons to scare myself into not producing the book, except for one. I wasn’t writing the book for anyone else. I was writing it for me. I was writing the book to help the 8-year old girl who hides deep down inside of me with feelings of fear and uncertainty. 

So, when the pandemic hit, I realized that there were 8-year olds everywhere feeling lost in fear and uncertainty. I thought, perhaps my book can help them too? I was empowered to meet other parents, educators, and content creators in their efforts to provide love and support for children. So, I stepped into my truth and out of my fear and published my book. Now, with the book in hand, I visit schools and bookstores with grace for myself and space in my heart for children.

Another time I felt empowered was when I witnessed my friend, Molly, rise with superhuman strength to walk alongside her daughter, Izzy, who was fighting cancer. As a mother, I tried to put myself in Molly’s shoes. I couldn’t imagine her pain but I felt the fear and uncertainty of the situation. I was empowered to step into my truth and out of my fear to meet Molly in the fight against cancer. For five years, I showed up to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Every day that I worked for the cause, I held grace for the preciousness of life and space for Molly and Izzy in my heart.

The power of purpose

As human beings, we suffer greatly when we are faced with the loss of love from a person or a group. It is through our immense suffering and longing for connection that we are challenged to find ways to meet each other in our shared purpose. We are challenged to change habits, beliefs, narratives, relationship dynamics, and jobs to move forward in our truth.

I dedicate this week’s newsletter to my friend, Molly, who inspires me to be honest and unafraid on the path. Day after day, in her grief, Molly steps into her truth and follows her purpose. I am deeply grateful for her willingness to share her experiences so that we can rise in our own ways to meet her and walk with her on her journey for deeper understanding.

As we walk together, I encourage you to remember that our paths and ways of being are uniquely different. They are shaped by our individual experiences. However, despite being different, our paths intersect at many points along the way. When we meet in our truth and purpose, we empower each other to keep walking and growing. This is the path to authenticity.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore the topic of transformation.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,