At the start of 2022, I chose the word “flow” as my word of intention for the year. I chose this word with the intention of welcoming, and not resisting, changes that may occur on the path. I quickly realized that in order for me to ‘keep my word’, my choices need to be aligned with my purpose for authenticity. In other words, I need to put my energy into areas that fulfill my feeling of wellness so that I am more likely to stay in the flow when things go off course. To do this, I added “discernment” to my words of the year and now, when I am faced with a choice, I discern between what speaks to my heart (service) vs. what speaks to my ego (self).

What is discernment? 

For me, discernment is knowing what feels good for your soul and making a conscious effort or choice to serve the goodness of your soul. It is the practice of consciously choosing well(ness).

Discernment is not knowing the difference between right or wrong, good or bad. This is a matter of opinion or conditioning, not inner knowing. Your soul chooses grace over greed, love over hate, and peace over war.

How do I practice discernment?

The practice involves tuning in to your inner soul voice (separate from your active mind) and trusting in its direction. With Covid protocols lifting and doors opening, life is getting busier. This is an excellent time to practice discernment. Here are some practice tips from my toolbox:

First, with every invitation, do a reality check-in. Will this situation drain your energy or fill you up with excitement? Be real and honest with your feeling and make the choice that best serves your wellness. 

Next, check your energy. Is your tank full? How much energy do you have to give away? Make sure that, if you accept the invitation, you will not be left feeling depleted. 

Part of the practice of discernment is sharpening your sense of awareness and trusting in your feelings as decision-making guides. For example, if you are experiencing good feelings, then you’re likely serving the goodness in yourself and others. If you aren’t feeling good in a particular situation, then you may be experiencing an imbalance of power or a misalignment of values. This can leave you feeling energetically out of sync or out of alignment. The more we put ourselves in energetically draining situations, the more exhausted we become and the more depleted we feel. Learning to tune in to your heart and soul space leads to trusting your intuition and knowing how to make quick and conscious choices for wellness.

Replenish your energy

Keep your energy flowing by practicing discernment and cultivating a deeper sense of awareness. During busy times, one of my favourite ways to replenish my energy is to practice energy movement meditation with Jeffrey Allen. In Jeffrey’s guided meditations, he takes you on journeys to clear energy blocks and access higher awareness. I hope you’ll try his offering for A Peaceful and Powerful Day. It’s a wonderful way to invite presence and set healthy boundaries for the day ahead.

I also invite you to try my new Root Chakra meditation. When we ground ourselves on the path and care for our energy, we choose wellness. This is the path to contentment and good health on the path to authenticity.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore the energy of trees on the path. Wherever you are, we’ll meet in the forest.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,