Give your heart to the process

Pain is a process. Loss. Rejection. Betrayal. Loneliness. Whatever the cause, pain places us in an uncomfortable position and managing our emotions around it can be challenging. At times, we are so gripped by pain that we become stuck, immobile, and unable to help ourselves in the moment. For me, learning to express my pain creatively has been a healing part of my journey.

I process pain through writing. I express my thoughts and feelings in poems and passages. I release pain from my mind and body and put it into words on a page. The result is often a messy outpouring of emotion, both illegible and inconsistent. However, sometimes the words find a rhythm and come together to create a unique composition. Regardless of whether it is messy or composed, it is on the page and I am free.

Discovery will place you
in the eye of the storm
face to face with
your biggest fear
brace yourself
for waves of discomfort
icy stares
chilling resistance
keep going
tears will fall
in bursts of rain
keep going
cries will come
in thunderous ovation
keep going
any moment
the storm will pass
then stillness

I wrote this poem as a reminder that we discover our strength and resilience during the process of pain. Through creative expression, we find our way from a place of hurting to a place of peace. Let’s continue to find ways to creatively channel the energy of pain through writing, singing, drawing, cooking or other forms of positive expression. When we give our heart to the process, we make space for more understanding.

Peace to you, my friends.

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With love,