The art of surrender is letting go of whatever is holding you back from offering love. In the art of surrendering, you let go of control in pursuit of freedom. You release the pressure of ideals, set by yourself and others, and relax into what is real and true. You offer love and, regardless of how your love may be received by others, you trust in the process.

Be ready to free fall

In my experience, the practice of surrendering is like learning how to free fall and trusting that you will land safely every time. The truth is that you don’t know how you or your love will land. Regardless of how much you prepare for the flights and landings in your life, for the love stories and the adventures, you can’t control the outcomes. At some point, you must jump in and surrender to the process despite the risk of getting hurt by factors that are outside of your control.

Other people’s opinions and expectations may create turbulence for you. Human ignorance and error will cause disturbances for you. In truth, the human experience is a series of free falls. And, even though the risk of potential injury and pain will always be a part of the process, I believe the art of surrendering is the only way to be present in the experience of your destiny.

Love to the end

Some may think of surrendering as giving power over to someone or something else. You may hear a voice inside your head saying:  “never give up” or “fight to the end”. In my humble opinion, the art of surrender is letting go of those notions and reclaiming your personal power. It is taking your life into your own hands and loving yourself to the end. It is releasing control of what may be and being in the freedom of what is.

I propose that one ambition of life is to offer our gifts of love. You have no way of knowing how your love, your work, or your voice will be received by others. There are too many external forces at play. But, you do know that by not contributing your love, talents and gifts to the world, you are not living your destiny. When you learn to surrender to what is, you live and love your way. You continue to offer your gifts to the world regardless of outcomes.

Putting the art of surrender into practice

When I wrote my book, I jumped into the world of publishing, as prepared as possible, and surrendered to the process. I didn’t spend time thinking about what others might say about my story. I perceived the book as an offering – a gift – and I followed my heart.

I trusted that the process will teach me what I need to learn… and it is! I am still learning and surrendering at every new juncture on the path. With each surrender, I risk my sense of safety and belonging (“will people like my work?”) in pursuit of higher learning. I don’t look back and let past events guide my choices, nor do I look forward and attach any idealistic outcomes. Instead, I stay realistic and present. I continue to offer my gifts. This is the only way I know how to stay focussed on the path to my destiny.

This is the path to presence, authenticity and well-being. Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore courage.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,