You’ve likely heard writers or artists say, when describing a piece of work or their process, that it came through them in a “stream of consciousness”. For me, consciousness is a flow of energy that comes in the moment from a deep awareness of self. It’s like a flow of energy from the deepest part of my soul. The key to accessing this awareness? An open heart.

There is no judgment in consciousness. There is no pain or need to protect yourself. There is no armour or mask. There is only presence and openness.

The concept of consciousness is explored deeply in Michael Singer’s new book, Living Untethered. In his book, Singer says, “don’t let anything in your life be important enough that it closes your heart.”

He refers to samskaras, or psychological scars that we accumulate over time, as being triggers to closing our hearts. A random situation or person can trigger a pain memory or open a wound which often leads to closing ourselves off from the present (consciousness). In an instant, we go from being present into fear mode, protective mode, all the modes that prohibit us from being open to what comes next.

In his book, Singer offers guidance to help you understand where your thoughts and emotions come from, and he provides you with ways to free yourself from the pain of your past so that you can experience the beauty of the present. Singer describes consciousness as being aware of the You (soul) inside of you (mind and body) and letting You lead in the experience of your life.

On the path, I’m hoping we can learn to identify when a samskara is triggered and honour it without closing our hearts. From this place, we can allow our natural energy to flow and stay open to possibility and connection.

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Thank you for being here. Next time, we will explore stillness on the path.

Let’s journey together.

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