I’ve always loved wearing my heart on my sleeve, literally. Often, you’ll see me wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts with bold messages like “Choose Kind” and “More Love”. My favourite tee has a big heart on it with the words “Get in here”. I express myself in this way to provide an opening for conversation and to help others “see” me for who I am and what I stand for.

After taking a course in January with Tammi Salas, a creativity coach, I realized that this way of “dressing” is a form of adornment. So, what does it mean exactly?

Well, in the dictionary, adornment is defined as “a thing which adorns or decorates; an ornament.” For many years, I thought of adornment in terms of decorating my home or myself with nice things. Essentially, adding things to my “home” to help me look good on the outside.

Now, thanks to learning from people like Tammi, I think of adornment in terms of decorating my home and body with things that help me feel good on the inside. I like to think of it as honouring the inner self with medals of strength and courage by keeping things of meaning close to us that symbolizes what and who we love. It’s like wearing your home jersey for game night and YOU are the home!

I am learning from others that carrying meaningful pieces on or near one’s body provides a sense of comfort. People might carry a crystal for energy, mala beads for calmness, or a family heirloom for connection. I have a friend who wears a necklace that has been passed on from a dearly departed loved one. It gives her a sense of love and comfort wherever she is.

I asked another friend how she practices adornment as a way of honouring her inner strength. She shared that she carries a quartz heart rock in her pocket as a way of bringing the energy of love with her into every encounter. My mom, at the age of 80, has the symbol of breast cancer tattooed on her ankle. She shared that this marked a time when she, along with many other women, courageously battled for their lives. For her, the tattoo represents women, courage, and connection – a feeling that is with her every day.

Recently, when I was visiting schools with my book, I started adorning myself with a heart compass pin to stay grounded in my purpose and strength. It is a tangible piece that acts as a gentle reminder to be in my joy, kindness, courage and calm when I am sharing my story with others.

When you go on a hike, you fill your backpack with snacks, a water bottle, a phone, and all the things that help you feel safe and supported. It’s not as much about survival, it’s more about feeling prepared and ready to be your best. I love the idea of carrying something that helps you feel strong and supported on the path. A little something that says, “you’re not alone”.

When we walk with conscious awareness, we are home decorators of our own souls! We are clearing house of old relationships that no longer help us to feel good on the inside. We are upgrading our way of being to maintain optimal health. We are bringing in people and practices that support a life of love and strength. We are carrying things of significance that help us feel prepared for life’s experiences and keep us grounded in truth and authenticity. This is the journey.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore consciousness on the path.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,