It Takes One Moment

As a person who values connection as the highest measure of fulfillment, I made connection my life’s work and my daily practice. Two years ago, I began exploring how we use joy, kindness, confidence and serenity to connect with our inner selves, our communities and our environment. In my experience, I found that by dedicating small amounts of time each day or week to these four virtues, we actively engage in a life of love and connection. Now, I take a moment each day for connection by making time for joy, kindness, confidence and serenity. I document the moments in photographs. The practice has become a way of life and a way to engage my family in the value of connection.

It takes one moment is my personal and parenting manifesto. It guides my intentions and holds me accountable to my family, friends and followers. Today, I am sharing some of my manifesto with you.

Abandon expectation and accelerate joy.

Expectations are heavy weights to carry around. Whether they are social, situational, parental, or otherwise, expectations place a pressure on our minds and bodies that can create stress and immobility. To off-set the heavy weight of expectation, we need to create more joy in our lives. Joy is light and uplifting. Its sole purpose is to make space in our minds, our hearts, and our bodies. Open up your calendar and make time for joy.

Be kind to all kinds.

Being kind is the foundation of love. It is the choice between love and hate. Kindness sets the bar for being compassionate. It is the power to make someone feel good. It breaks down walls and builds relationships. We show kindness in our words, actions and behaviors, making kindness the world’s most beautiful universal love language. Plus it’s the easiest language to learn! Make time for kindness. It pays off with lots of love.

In confidence, we listen.

We listen to our intuition. We listen to the wisdom we were born with. Intuition shows up in weird and wacky ways! It reveals itself as butterflies in our stomach or goosebumps on our skin. Sometimes it comes to us as a feeling, like a “ping” or a “power surge”, under the surface of our skin. Some people might refer to it as a gut feeling, a knowing, or a red flag. These are all signs that your intuition is speaking to you. When it pipes up, listen to it. It is your intuition calling on you for a reason. Trust that intuitive part of yourself. It is there to guide you. Make space for your confidence to be heard.

In serenity, we replenish.

Learning to be quiet and alone allows for our mind and body to transform how we respond to stress and return to calm. Finding peace and solitude is unique to the individual so take time to understand what quiet time means to you and your family members. For some, being quiet might be listening to music or reading a book, creating a space to let the mind wander. For others, it might be going for a walk or building a fort, creating a place to be alone with your thoughts and imagination. Make time for yourself.

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With love,