Curiosity is the playground within your heart where your creative spirit is free to explore joy and wonder. After years of playing it safe in my life, it felt really good to embody my curiosity and play with the idea of writing and creating a book. The process was scary at first, but mostly because I was afraid that my creativity would be rejected or dismissed by others. Then, I remembered that joy was my purpose, and fear was not welcome in my playground. Staying true to my intention, I was able to let go of fear, keep creating and publish my book, Your Heart Compass.

What is curiosity?

For me, curiosity is the desire to explore new possibilities and expand potential through the joy of play. There is no competition or comparison in curiosity, only freedom and discovery.

Remembering the joy of inquiry  

Remember when you were in grade school and you were encouraged to ask questions and try new things? Remember when you thought that anything was possible and you wanted to know why and how things functioned the way they did? You had so much to learn about life. Now, in my 40’s, I realize that the learning never ends. So, why did we stop asking questions?

As the world changes, you need to stay curious to be connected. The good news is that you can become curious again at any age. You can remember, or re-connect with, the parts of your self that love to learn and you can start expanding your potential at any point on the path.

How do you practice curiosity? 

For me, I like to start with things that I enjoy and dive a little deeper into them. For example, I love music so I have been exploring different genres recently, like Celtic and Soul. I also love reading so I have been exploring new titles and categories of books to expand my area of interest. I invite you to dive deeper into your interests as well. You never know what idea might come from a song or a book or a conversation!

Also, I am a big believer in positive reinforcements to encourage any practice. Thanks to my friend, Susan, and our mutual love of nature and curiosity, I discovered a wonderful way to support my practice of curiosity. On one of our many forest walks, Susan pointed out a fork on the path. It was a small, broken tree branch on the ground. It sparked a wonderful conversation between us about direction and what it means to follow your heart. Now, every time I see a fork in nature – in the trees, in the shadows, in the soil – I pause and check in with my heart. I ask myself, do you want to take the familiar road or take a chance on the unknown? Do you want to stay comfortable or be curious? I love the way nature gifts us these moments at the exact times when we need guidance.

I see forks on the path as symbols of opportunity and reminders of the choice we have to be open to new ideas and greater potential. Feel free to explore this idea for yourself and discover your own ritual or symbol for staying curious.

Below, I have compiled a list of children’s books that inspire wonder and curiosity. Even for adults, these books offer great insight and remind us that the more we stay curious about the world, the more we learn to love and appreciate it.

What Do You Do With An Idea? By Kobi Yamada
Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor
How To Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers
Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

Moving forward, I invite you to keep your eyes open for good books, forks on the path, and other offerings that inspire new and different perspectives and possibilities. This is the journey to greater joy, connection and well-being.

Thank you for being here. Next time, we’ll explore the gifts of solitude.

Let’s journey together.

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With love,