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Calmness is the fourth pillar of connection that supports a life of love.

Calmness leads us to rest and replenishment. It allows our mind and body to re-set and stabilize so that we can mobilize and move forward. In serenity, we focus on ways in which we can comfort ourselves when we are tired and alone. It is not about being silent or removing all the “noise” from our mind; however, it is about finding ways to be comfortable and quiet on our own.

To keep up with the pace of life, we often become dependent on technology and people to move us forward. What we need to do is practice quiet time! Although sleep is the greatest tool for relaxation and replenishment, we need to find other ways and resting spaces that we can access during the day. The more time we make for calm moments, the more prepared we will be to move forward with clarity and positivity. This is the goal. This is the journey.