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Kindness is the second pillar of connection that supports a life of love.

Kindness leads us to compassion and gratitude. It is a gift of love from you to someone or something else. It is the desire in you and the ability by you to bring joy to a person or situation that needs it. It is the power to lift someone’s mood or lighten the workload. It is the power to gift love.

I always ask myself what is holding me back from showing kindness to someone or to a group of people? What is holding me back from opening my mind and heart to another view or a different perspective? Kindness is a personal check-in point for me. If I’m not being kind, what is happening in my world that needs to shift so that I have the ability to give love? Perhaps I need to get rid of unrealistic expectations and stress in my personal or work life. Whatever the reason, clear your path so that you can make space for your love to be shared. Make kindness a priority. This is the goal. This is the journey.