It takes one moment is a lifestyle practice designed to inspire moments of connection through joy, kindness, confidence and serenity. The practice is based on four pillars of connection that engage individuals in positive forms of expression that lead to love.

To live in the moment is to be present in the experience of your life.

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We believe creative expression is an important part of the journey. Express Yourself Series Available Now!

Living in the moment and sharing expressions of love. Read the Journal.

  • Facing the truth isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re afraid that the truth might hurt someone. This happened to me when my kids entered grade school. I realized that I was holding on to painful truths from my childhood and there was a very good chance that my pain would hurt my children unless I found the courage to face it.

  • In my boardroom, I am free to do what I love and, as a result, I produce my best work. This place of joy is my definition of success. It's not a big corner office with fancy furniture but, to me, it's much more distinguished and powerful than that. It's a place where big ideas flow, creativity thrives and personal growth happens. It's a long way from where I grew up.

  • Creativity does not form part of an agenda or a well-constructed plan. Creativity is an unexpected outpouring of ideas from the heart. It is a brush stroke, a dot, a word, a tempo that reveals a feeling of love. We are all creators when we are creating for love’s sake. It took me 40 years to appreciate the truth about creativity and how creativity flows from my heart to the outside world.


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