My practice of connection inspires a way of being that focuses on acts of Joy, Kindness, Courage and Calmness as pillars of good health. With regular practice and good intention, these four pillars become the foundation for a loving and healthy way of life.

To live in the moment is to be present in the experience of your life.

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Living in the moment and sharing expressions of love. Explore my Journal.

  • The theme of openness is one that I live by and it seems to be coming up a lot more these days in conversations that I am having with others. Last week, during The Class with Natalie Kuhn, she encouraged our group to stay open as we moved through challenging emotional and physical positions.

  • The pandemic raised a lot of fear in me. As an acknowledgement of my fears and a way to express each one, I listed them in my journal. Here is an excerpt from my journal dated March 25, 2020: I fear not seeing or hugging my mom ever again. I fear the loss of normal routines

  • Facing the truth isn’t always easy. Especially when you’re afraid that the truth might hurt someone. This happened to me when my kids entered grade school. I realized that I was holding on to painful truths from my childhood and there was a very good chance that my pain would hurt my children unless I found the courage to face it.


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